Last Man Standing Competiton is Open!

Last Man Standing Competiton is Open!

Allianz Football League 2019 Sat Jan 26th and Sunday Jan 28th
Division 1 Round 1 Division 2 Round 1
Mayo V Roscommon Clare v Donegal
Monaghan V Dublin Kildare V Armagh
Kerry V Tyrone Fermanagh V Cork
Galway v Cavan Meath V Tipperary

Winner gets 400 Euro

2019 Simonstown Gaels Last Man Standing Competition Rules
1. You pick one NFL team from the Saturday or Sunday fixtures each week from either Division 1 or Division 2. First games are on Saturday 27th Jan.
2. You must make your selection before 12.00pm Noon on the Saturday of each week. Strictly no late selections.
It is your responsibility to text or email your selection each week
Text 0860723572 or email
3. The team you select must WIN their fixture. If your team does not WIN you are out
4. If your team wins you select a team the following week.
5. You can only pick each team once.
6. The overall winner (s) is the person (s) who lasts longest.
7. Entry fee €10 per team selected. Entrants are free to enter multiple teams. The overall winner takes the total cash prize fund
8. If there are 5 or less left in the competition and all get knocked out together, then the cash pot is shared.
9. If for any reason your team’s fixture is cancelled - you’re out. (Your team must win !!!)
10. If after the 7 weeks of league fixtures there are still teams standing the
competition will be extended into the Finals
11. If the competition extends into the Finals, entrants are allowed to select teams that they have previously selected
13. All entries must be fully paid before first round of league - No Exceptions
14 It is your responsibility to ensure that your weekly nomination is submitted before the Saturday Noon deadline .Failure to do so means you will be given the next available team to you alphabetically
15 In the event of wide scale cancellations due to inclement weather over any weekend then we will cancel the entire weekend. We will ask all entrants to select new teams for the following weekend.
16. Judges Decision is Final, but we will be fair, no appeals to CCC or DRA allowed!

Alan Kavanagh 087 2187516
Colm Keys 087 2587023
Brian Mc Enery 087 1367339

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