Snaps from the 3 day teenage camp.
30 players took part from u14 to u17
Camp included
1 Drills v Games based training
2. Skill refinement
3 Importance of mobility to GAA players
4. S&C introduction to basic gym work for injury prevention.
5. How live GPS shapes training/games
6.Tackling traps with Shane Gallagher
7. Speed Development
8. Testing of skills and physical tests,
9. Video analysis with Shane OBrien
10. Attacking/scoring/evasion with Niall Kane
11.GAA 15 perpare to perform
12. Secret to transition

Thank to all from the club who helped out aswell as Meath GPO Damien Sheridan, Niall kane, Shane Gallagher, Shane o’Brien and of course our GDA Barry Teather



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