Simonstown Membership Is Due!

Simonstown Membership Is Due!

If you don’t pay your Simonstown membership then you will not be able to play. Come in and meet Anne to discuss/pay our membership any weekday from 8am to 1:30pm the 2:30pm -4pm. Also you can pay your membership by giving it to your players representative Junior -Evan Burlingham and Senior - Neil Kane and Joe Lyons.

Underage had their Juvenile Registration which was a huge success. Anyone who did not pay their membership can do so by giving their form to their son or daughter’s manager.

All prices are below

All forms are available in the club office and need to be signed and filled out correctly.

Full Membership  =  60 euro

Adult Player (including Gym) = 100 euro

Simonstown Student Player = 70 euro (3rd level & Under 17 including Gym)

Gym for non-member = 15o euro

Juvenile = 40 euro

Academy 5-7 year olds - 20 euro

Social = 20 euro

OAP = 20 euro

Family with (Juvenile Boys & U8 Girls Playing) 1 or more = 125 euro

Family with (Juvenile Boys, U8 Girls & Student Player) 1 or more = 170 euro

Family discount for Girls in Ladies section = 10 euro.


Gym Add on’s:

Gym for full member (extra) = 90 euro

Gym for coach/volunteer = 40 euro

Gym for Add on to Family membership = Adult - 60 euro, Student - 20 euro.

Gym for Ladies Section (players over 16) - 40 euro

6 month Gym access - 95 euro.

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